Current situation of PVC processing auxiliaries in China

Different from the ACR and MBS plastic PVC processing AIDS widely used in foreign developed countries, the domestic market still focuses on PVC processing AIDS with relatively backward technology. Now most of the world's CPE production capacity are in China. In recent years, the use of high efficiency plastic modified products increased sensitivity, but the overall proportion is still small. In foreign developed countries, MBS and impact resistant ACR are the main processing AIDS for plastics PVC, and the application amount is estimated to account for 85%, while the application amount of CPE is 15%. In contrast, the domestic plastic PVC processing modifier market is still dominated by CPE, with the estimated use of which accounts for over 75%, while the estimated use of MBS products and impact resistant ACR products accounts for less than 25%. Although the domestic high efficiency plastic PVC processing modifier is limited by the lack of production capacity, the market is still dominated by CPE and other low-function products, but with the development of China's national economy, the market share of high efficiency plastic PVC processing modifier products will gradually improve, and will gradually become the mainstream of domestic plastic PVC processing auxiliary agent market products. PVC processing assistant work is in the beginning period of the big expansion, the technical transformation effect continues to appear, the work will resume from loose to convergence, low-end products to high-end products to expand the transformation process.

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